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Steve Stroud

physician - author - teacher

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Living an Enlightened Life in the Mundane World

A book by Steve Stroud


Insight - Paradigms - Practice - Personal Experience. 

In a compelling mix of short stories, scientific facts, ancient wisdom, and new age thinking this book takes us on a journey that answers one of life’s most perplexing questions. 


How to live an empowered, mindful, even enlightened life when faced with the day to day challenges, conflicts and mundane experiences that occupy most of our time. 

Also available at your local book store and Barnes and Noble.

Table of Contents


Introduction / Foreword


Part One: The Great Quest


- Quest

- Awaken

- The Body-Mind Connection

- Belief Systems


Part Two: The Three Inquiries


- Creating Our Own Reality

- Allowing an Experience to be Valid and Useful

- Going Beyond Creating Our Own Reality


Part Three: Moving from Reaction to Response


- The Transformational Moment

- Energy Follows Consciousness

- Taking Inventory

- Consciousness Travels an Evolutionary Arc


Part Four: True Needs


- The Gift of Being Wrong

- Needs versus Demands

- Going Beyond Getting Over It


Part Five: Mundane Life as An Enlightened Adventure


- Thinkers, Feelers, and Doers

- Elevator

- A Premonition

- Push – Pull – Stop – Neutral

- Coconut

- Inspiration: The Breath of Life

- Withholding Love

- Karma

- The Buster Life

- How Do I Wish to Live This Moment?


Conclusion / Afterword


- This is Who I Get to Be




"Nothing tastes sweeter than the fruits of an examined life. That’s exactly what Steve Stroud offers us in these pages. Despite his impressive professional credentials, his voice remains humble. He includes just enough of his own story to keep his guidance grounded in human reality. From that solid launching pad, he soars from body, to mind, and to spirit, weaving them together as they should be woven, each one mirroring the other two. In the end, what he shares feels very close to the kind of advice our guardian angels offer us fifteen minutes before we are born. This is a step-by-step guidebook about how to live well and come to the end of the trail with the feeling that your life actually meant something."

  – Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

Also available at your local book store and Barnes and Noble.


Steve Stroud

physician - author - teacher

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