I facilitate transformation


We find ourselves at the threshold of self discovery 

for any of three reasons:

1- We are curious  

We are seekers at heart, willing to do the

depth work it takes to live our life

mindfully, consciously, and heartfully.


2- We are in transition 

and we could  use some tools and support to

navigate our changing and challenging life.

3 - We are in pain  

Pain is a great motivator. 

We are willing to take actions and even risks that

will help us resolve the pain we are in.   


Medical Consult

Grounded in science, steeped in the healing arts, tempered by experience.


Medical Intuitive - I have marked sensitivity to both physical and non physical influences that enhance my insight and knowledge.  This higher sense of perception enables me to discover the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and disease that are not commonly recognized or addressed. 


Naturopathic Medicine- Become informed, proactive and empowered in your health.

Evidence based diagnosis and treatment integrating traditional and alternative medicine.


Ancient Wisdom- Modern Insight

Astrology reveals our greatest gifts, empowers us to conquer our greatest challenges, and synchronizes us with our life purpose.


Consciously engage in your soul’s journey.


Natal charts, transits and progressions, synastry readings.   

Depth Work Counseling

Changing habitual patterns 


Break free from stifling  habitual patterns. Body mind psychotherapy as the foundation for understanding and addressing how our behavior is governed by our belief systems.


Delve  into the depths of your being  to reveal personal, ancestral and cultural archetypes that can either limit us or set us free. 

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Energy Medicine


“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein.  


Healing our body, mind and spirit through the subtle energies that govern our universe. I spent a total of 17 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, including 11 years on faculty and 2 years as a Dean. Healing can be in person or long distance.