Living an Enlightened Life in the Mundane World

Table of Contents


Introduction / Foreword


Part One: The Great Quest


- Quest

- Awaken

- The Body-Mind Connection

- Belief Systems


Part Two: The Three Inquiries


- Creating Our Own Reality

- Allowing an Experience to be Valid and Useful

- Going Beyond Creating Our Own Reality


Part Three: Moving from Reaction to Response


- The Transformational Moment

- Energy Follows Consciousness

- Taking Inventory

- Consciousness Travels an Evolutionary Arc


Part Four: True Needs


- The Gift of Being Wrong

- Needs versus Demands

- Going Beyond Getting Over It


Part Five: Mundane Life as An Enlightened Adventure


- Thinkers, Feelers, and Doers

- Elevator

- A Premonition

- Push – Pull – Stop – Neutral

- Coconut

- Inspiration: The Breath of Life

- Withholding Love

- Karma

- The Buster Life

- How Do I Wish to Live This Moment?


Conclusion / Afterword


- This is Who I Get to Be



This book is an active exercise in practicing how you can become more of who the universe enables you to be. Therefore, in addition to holding this as a book, you will get the most from the experience of interacting with these words and ideas if you have a journal. If you don’t already have a journal, any sort of medium works -- pen and paper, keyboard and screen, voice and recorder. If you don’t already have a journal, reward and invest in yourself by finding a notebook and pen that feel good when you use them together.


From the Chapter Quest


We are cast into this physical form, like dust blown from the hand of god, into the soil of the material world to grow and experience life under the sun. Incarnated by choice, into this planet of duality, the life set before us is our soul’s journey. From our first inspiration to our last exhalation, it is a voyage swelled by the winds of all that is possible and buffeted by the storms of that which is probable.


We are cast into this adventure not so much to discover the meaning of life, but to uncover, with awareness, those experiences which make our life meaningful.


It is a journey that we have done before and know well, but have no recollection of.


It is a journey that, if traversed with consciousness, will bring us many riches, though not necessarily material wealth.


The nature of the agreement we make prior to incarnating into the human form is to cast aside precognition of the life we have chosen. Thus, this journey into this unknown life affords us the freedom of choice, or free will, to experience that which is probable and to strive for that which is possible.